About Us

Coconut Content Company is a newly founded content agency based in Athens, Greece.

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Our mission is to help our partners showcase their brand’s worth and connect with their audience through top notch custom content at all scales: daily presence, on a project by project basis, or as the main pillar of long-term strategies
of Brand Culture Building, including side products and ventures.


In order to meet the market’s ever-changing trends and needs we provide all types of editorial and digital visual content through a network of talented professionals. Editors, journalists, social media specialists, designers, photographers, videographers, influencers and YouTube creators provide unique content curated at Coconut HQs. Here are some of our favorites <3

About the founder

For the past 15 years Lydia Papaioannou has (simultaneously) found herself behind and in front of cameras, microphones and the pages of some of the best known Greek media (MTV Greece, MAD TV, MEGA, Nitro Radio, NRJ Radio, Music 89,2, Nitro Magazine). Throughout her career she’s dealt with and cherished all types of content, from long reads to shooting ideas, from commercial initiatives concept and planning to live broadcast presentations. After having served as Managing Director of Cosmopolitan Greece she decided to finally fulfil her dream of setting up a one-stop agency, dedicated entirely to content creation.